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The Association Luxembourgeoise des Pilotes de Ligne (ALPL) is a democratically organized and politically independent professional association that represents the interests of more than 600 pilots working for airlines in the Grand-duchy of Luxembourg. It has been giving a strong professional voice to Luxembourg based airline pilots for almost five decades.

Since its inception in 1968, the ALPL´s mission is to systemically promote aviation safety across all segments of the aviation community. It thus represents the collective interests of its members towards their employing operators, political decision makers and the public as a whole. It is engaged in collective bargaining activities and safeguarding the health and welfare of its members. In summary, the ALPL strives to be a strong, forceful advocate of the airline piloting profession and to be the ultimate guardian and defender of the rights and interests of its members.

Last but not least, the association is an active member of the European Cockpit Asscociation (ECA), which unites more than 38,000 European pilots from the national pilot associations of 37 European countries. It is also part of the International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations (IFALPA), which represents more than 100,000 pilots organized in more than 100 national pilot associations all around the globe.


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